Ghost villages and small springs

Duration: 3 h (6 h for Case Ficarrisi) - Difficulty: medium-high

From the port to Valdichiesa, the path crosses a patch of arborescent ephoreas and cysts, continuing to the village of Zucco Grande, now abandoned for almost a century; from here, a short stretch leads to Vallone Fontana, up to a small cave covered with maidenhair flies (Adianthus capillus-veneris) where there is a source of fresh water. Another, longer, continues instead for Case Ficarrisi, in the middle of a thick, mature scrub full of heather, strawberry trees and bushes of Rosa micrantha. The destination is a group of ruins, once inhabited, which dominates the Siccagni coast, the islets La Canna and Montenassari and the steep cliffs of Filo del Banco, where a queen hawk colony nests.