Cruises to the Aeolian Islands individual charter

The sailing cruise is not reserved for a few! If you love to travel and meet new people and friends and adventure companions in the world of charter, individual boarding is the solution for you. Shopping will be more contained, you will still have your spaces and comforts at your disposal.

Whether you decide to go on board alone, as a couple or with a group of a few friends, you have the opportunity to occupy the necessary cabins and leave it to us to train the rest of the crew, which will be as close as possible to your needs. by age, tastes and requests.

You will enjoy a mix of relaxation and tranquility that the sailing charter boat is known to offer, but you can also venture to discover the islands; during the day with short trips from one island to another you will discover the most hidden bays ... swimming, snorkeling and the spectacle of a now forgotten silence. And in the evening decide whether to go ashore and enjoy some nightlife and nightlife or enjoy the bay by starlight ...

Our guides, expert connoisseurs of the Aeolian Islands, will be able to guide you and advise you in choosing the most interesting places, countries and sites to visit, compatibly with the weather conditions examined at the time.