Departure from Lipari (Marina Corta) 10.00 am rit. About 18.00. Tour in the most evocative places of Vulcano and from the west bay of Lipari with many swimming stops, aboard the characteristic m / v Tanina to discover the most beautiful coves and caves of the Aeolian Islands.

It differs from the Volcano Tour for the shorter stop on the island and there will instead be more space for swimming in the best areas and for relaxing on our Tanina boat with a maximum of only 12 passengers.


  • Our tour around the island will start along the Vulcanello, where the lava has created fantastic figures: the suggestive Valley of the Monsters. Leaving the Faraglioni on the right, the Grotta degli Angeli, you can admire the bay of the Black Sands.
  • We will then continue to the Grotta del Cavallo, near which there is the Pool of Venus, a circular body of water. We will continue to skirt up to Gelso, a small almost uninhabited village where we will stop for a swim.
  • We will then end at the port of Levante where, you will be greeted by the typical smell of sulfur, a tour of the village, a bath in the mud pit and warm waters.



To know before booking:

The excursion program for individuals is final only a few days before their start. However, it can be booked in advance. If on the chosen day that type of excursion is not carried out, you can change the day, change the excursion or you can have a refund of the amount paid. For rentals, however, the reservation is definitively confirmed.

 - For bookings with a deposit it is necessary to pay the balance within 2 days of departure.

 - It is necessary to show up at the Welcome to Lipari office (Marina Corta) 15 minutes before departure.

 - If necessary, another similar boat could be used (max 25 seats)


 The tour in detail:

 Our day begins leaving the port of Lipari, we will head towards the island of Vulcano.Vulcano is the third largest island in the archipelago.On the right we begin to see the coasts of Vulcanello, the youngest volcano on the island , on which there is the famous "Valley of the monsters" where nature has had fun creating fantastic forms of lava, reachable on foot once landed. We pass off the enchanting bay of black sands, famous for its long beach of black sand, behind which stands the "Gran Cratere della Fossa" in all its majesty. It is the active volcano of the island, a dormant volcano, of which it is possible to reach the top, with a walk of about one now starting from the port. From above the landscape changes completely and it almost seems to be on another planet of smoking rock and sulfur and the view .. is breathtaking.

Continuing the navigation, we find ourselves in an amphitheater of rare beauty, where we find the Grotta del Cavallo, famous for its play of light and the "pool of Venus" where it was said that the beautiful goddess came to bathe.

Our journey takes us to Gelso, the southernmost part of the island, an almost uninhabited village, where we can see the lighthouse and the beaches of very black, fine sand that characterize this part of the island. Finally, we skirt the steep coasts, where the seagulls make their nests and from which they launch themselves in search of food, to reach a small cove where, on a rock, the statue of a beautiful little mermaid has been placed to protect those who sail in these waters.

Finally, we will dock at the port welcomed by the acrid smell of sulfur that pungently reaches our nostrils.