Duration: 3-4 hours - Difficulty: medium

Not even an impressionist painter would have been able to unite in a unique landscape colors of theCave di Caolino, active until the seventies: between crystals of gypsum and vivid polychrome, the result of intense processes of the fumaroles, we overlooks the Timpone Pataso cliffs, formed by sediments of a lake that existed 100,000 years ago and which hides the fossil footprints of laurels and palmettos. Those living instead meet along the path down to the sea and continue in a southerly direction along the abrasion terraces (ancient beaches formed during the last interglacial) and small coves, such as the splendid Cala Fico. Come to the Terme di San Calogero, near the small tholos nineteenth-century building that is considered one of the oldest known spas, a stone road between the salt olive groves towards Pianoconte, where the tour ends.