Allow me to introduce myself ...

"My name is Tanina".

I was born in Termini Imerese, the old Himera of the Greeks.

Originally I was used to transport the Pumice Stone from Lipari to the smaller islands and I transported diesel from Messina and Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands at the time without power plants as the lighting took place through the use of small private generator sets.

My employment as a fishing boat was long and remembered for these spent by all the sailors and the people of these islands; as each of them can boast of having enjoyed my services or navigated, gained experience and school.

Today, with the various naval surgery facelifts, to which my commander graces me, I allow myself to retrace the routes of the past, when my arrival was awaited by the small communities of these islands which, still today, express appreciation for my charm.

All this allows me to be a welcome guest in all ports and always have a safe shelter when weather and sea conditions turn worst.

If we are lucky enough to get to know each other, you will be able to experience the Aeolian Islands through the vision and rhythms of a time now lost and you will be able to enjoy the emotions of a dip in unknown coves or sea caves still unexplored.

In his last years of sailing, the Tanina has added further work experience to his already long curriculum: the CAMPING BOAT.

The idea was born spontaneously from loyal customers of the Tanina who asked to stay several days on board, thus carrying out a small cruise of the Aeolian Islands despite the comforts on board are not the most luxurious. A much more spartan and "wild" charter, that's why we named it CAMPING BOAT.

The sleeping areas can be obtained from two berths in the bow, from the large aft area closed with curtains and above the cabin (the sundeck cushioned with a damp curtain can be transformed into an excellent bedroom under the stars).

Program of the days

The cruise can start from the island of Stromboli if your arrival in the Aeolian archipelago is from Naples; otherwise from the island of Vulcano or Lipari if you arrive from Milazzo.

The idea is to dedicate one night and the whole day to each island; this means coasting the islands, stopping for swimming in the most suggestive bays, visiting the villages, being able to hike on the volcanoes or inside the island.

The crossing from one island to another is about an hour and a half.

The bathroom is small but with basic services. The kitchen is located in the control cabin.