Small, barren, inhospitable at first sight. This is Alicudi, difficult to access and therefore has a special charm, the most intact and primitive compared to all other islands.

Alicudi Porto: A little house, two grocery stores and consumer staples, the post office. No banks, no service. Alicudi Porto is a place where time has stood still, a simple fishing village, there are also microscopic fractions of groups of four or five houses, farms and small higher on the terraces that climb on the island as a ladder. A place of tranquility and traditions, in which enjoy absolute peace and hospitality of an authentic and rooted people.

The beaches and the sea: between the narrow inlets of the island, and looking from the granite coast, are hidden some beaches. They meet, set in the coast almost completely uniform, in the southeastern area, the height of the small town of Bazzina. Quiet, frequented by a few boaters and destination of some lovers of diving and enjoying the waters rather low and the vitality of flora and marine fauna in these waters mostly undisturbed. The only beach within walking distance is the small beach of Alicudi Porto, opposite the small village.

Beautiful island tour by boat, possible renting a boat to fishermen, which allows you to also visit the western part of the island, completely inhospitable on the rocky coast overlooking the sea, but beautiful, with a deep blue sea and deep, with skiing and columns of volcanic lava rock sticking out of the sea, the so-called “Fili”.

The paths that cross it are abandoned and a little uncertain , in the mule tracks that lead to the summit of Piano Filo dell’Arpa, crossing the fertile terraces of the island, you let yourself be captivated by the beauty of this place, from the low vegetation, but lush, which refines.