The top of the Aeolian Islands

Duration: 5-6 hours - difficulty: medium-high

Fossa delle Felci can be reached from many paths: usually we start from Valdichiesa, near the sanctuary, walking through extensive reforestation of Eucalyptus, Acacia, Italian alder, and pines. The place resembles an Apennine landscape, forming the largest and most fascinating forest of the archipelago. Introduced trees are mixed with the Mediterranean maquis, with heathers and strawberry trees, while on the upper belt chestnuts and dense undergrowth of brackens are common. With almost 1,000 meters of elevation, Fossa delle Felci represents a true Mediterranean-montane habitat, and harbors some characteristic plant species, such as Doronicum orientale, Ajuga orientalis, Hieracium crinitum, violets and cyclamen. In the summer nights, the branches of the high trees become the realm of the dormouse (Glis glis).