h 09,30 - 18,00 from € 50,00

Immediately after the start, we will sail along the stacks of Lipari before heading to the island of Filicudi, coasting "Capo Graziano", the village of "Pecorini", and we get to the "Grotta del Bue Marino", where we will make for a unforgettable swim. Broken down, we will visit “La Canna", "Montenassari" , and the "Giafante", before arriving at the island village of Alicudi, where we will stop. Here you will have the opportunity to take a swim and visit the village wilder and less populated of the Aeolian islands, where the only means of transport and the donkey, given the characteristics of steep and narrow streets. Then, we head back to Filicudi, where we will make a long stop and you will have the opportunity to reach the prehistoric village of "Capo Graziano." Upon returning, we will make the final stop swim of the day to "Spiaggia Vinci" in Lipari.