With the boat ride around the island, you can admire landscapes worked for millennia and wonderful seabed. L 'one after another succeed deep caves, beautiful beaches, high coasts, wide bays and rugged cliffs.

From the church San Giuseppe to the tip of Crepazza the coast is rocky and steep, but we also find the coves and beautiful small beaches like the cove Portinente and the tip of Capistello. Past the tip of Crepazza, which overlooks the most beautiful part of the island; then we find the beach of Vinci, closed by a headland in front of which stand out against the rocks of Pietralunga, Pietra Menalda and Brigghio. Then the spectacular Perciato, the Stack and the cluster of rocks said the Ants.

It then passes under the mountain Guardia  and within the inlet stands out the Valle Muria beach; thence along a stretch of coastline with many rocks that continues beyond the tip of Grotticelle and the beach that precedes tip of Fontanelle.

Before the S.Calogero Terme there is the obstacle of the Pietra del Bagno.  After we meet the beach of Acquacalda. Between tip of Castagna and Capo Rosso whole environment is affected by the production of pumice and is a succession of quarries for the extraction of the material. Besides Capo Rosso it is located Canneto in a spacious bay, between the beach and the obsidian of Old Forge. It then moves over the promontory of Monte Rosa, in front of the port of refuge Pignataro and Marina Lunga beach for return to Marina Corta..